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Φ114 Hydraulic Elbow Machine

Φ114 Hydraulic Elbow Machine

Product introduction

Equipment Specifications:
     1. Producing Range: OD21mm-1420mm (1-56 inches)
     2. Radius: 1D,1.5D,2D
     3. Thickness: 3mm-100mm
     4. Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy steel
     Heating power part---Constant power output. Using the unique voltage stabilized technology, the output power can still be constant, even the input voltage fluctuated by 10%.The power supply have the advantage of energy saving ,environment friendly, small noise.
 The induction coil can be adjusted by motor for movement of up and down,front and back, rotary. Easy and safe to operate by handle control.    
     By adopting PLC control system, the elbow producing can be running automatically. One worker only need putting the material pipe to the feeding device which improved the producing speed , reduced the labor intensity. 

Detailed introduction Technical parameters

Product consulting

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